4 Quick Fixes for PC Problems

Day in and day out I help students fix problems on their tablet PC’s. I often find one of four solutions is able to fix most of the problems. I thought I would share with the world.

1. Restart the computer. Do this if programs and applications are running slow or acting up. You’ll also likely need to do this if you install or uninstall programs (however, you’re computer will probably prompt you). Your computer often installs updates and performs diagnostic checks while restarting. It should also completely shut down programs that may have been running in the background and slowing you down.

2. Log-off and log back in. Any time your network connections are acting up- log off. This is different than restarting, because it makes sure that all your network connections are completely severed. If your network printers aren’t working, you can’t connect to network drives or your Internet wont connect give the log off and on a try.

3. Update the driver or any system updates. Sometimes these get out of date and cause problems.

4. When all else fails, take the batteries out. I spent an hour trying to fix a touch screen tablet PC today. I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, restarted, did diagnostic tests and fixes… Only to be asked,” did you try taking out the batteries?” I took them out, waited about 10 seconds and put them back in, and like magic it all worked again.

I hope some of these help you too! What are some common quick fixes you use or see?

Tech to You Later!

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