QR Codes: More than Smartphones

We’ve grown up around barcodes our whole lives, and now they take a whole new meaning with the craze for QR codes and smart phone technology.

QR stands for “Quick Response” Code. And a quick response you get.  Simply scan the code and you’re taken to a webpage, set up to send an email, viewing a picture or text, seeing your destination on Google Maps, and much more. The versatility in these QR codes make them a great tool for the classroom.

QR codes can be used to allow students to check their work with the “free text” option.  Simply embed the asnwers in the QR code by entering the text.  You could use a different QR code for each answer, or put an entire section into one code.

Have a scavenger hunt around school or your classroom.

Link to videos for given lessons in a flipped classroom. 

There has been a wealth of information about QR codes in the classroom recently, and aong with ideas to use them there are a wealth of apps and sites to read and create them.  At the school I work at, the kids have Tablet PC’s.  One program I really like is QuickMark, which allows the user to read a QR code through the webcam or on screen. This program allows anyone with a computer to to take advantage of QR codes.  One of my favorite sites for creating the barcodes is QR Stuff. Below is a QR code I created for my blog.


How have you used QR codes at your school?

Tech To You Later!



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