Bloom’s Revised Technology Taxonomy

Working in a 1:1 tablet PC school, I am always trying to help teachers find new tech tools to use in their classrooms and enhance their (already great) lessons.  I stumbled upon some great resources, which inspired me to create my own chart of tech tools/web 2.0 verbs based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy levels.

My chart includes some software/programs that are loaded on students’ tablets; it is not limited to only web 2.0 tools. A few great resources I used to help compile my chart include Web 2.0 How-To for Educators by Gwen Solomon and Lynne SchrumPhillippa Cleaves’ Prezi, and my personal favorite: Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ Apps.  If you’re an iOS school or an Android school, make sure you check out Schrock’s guides!

Blooms Taxonomy Apps

At our faculty meeting this afternoon, I plan to break everyone up into six groups (one for each of the taxonomy levels). Groups will be given five to ten minutes to investigate one of the tools on their assigned taxonomy level.  Afterward, each group will summarize the tool and how it could be used in the classroom for the entire group. I plan to write a follow up post about how the PD session with faculty went over.

Download my Blooms Tax Apps chart with clickable links.

Tech to You Later!


9 thoughts on “Bloom’s Revised Technology Taxonomy

    • Hi Anthony!
      It went pretty well. Based on a survey I did at the end of the year, the teachers were split almost 50/50%. Half of the teachers loved having so many ideas at their fingertips and half felt overwhelmed looking at so many tech tools. Again, half the teachers liked having each group present the tool they focused on and half didn’t feel it was necessary (I think this was more about getting out of the meeting sooner). Overall, most people felt it gave them a broad idea of the tools out there that they could use. It was definitely a great place to start and then focus on a few of the tools for larger group PD sessions and with individuals in one on one meetings.


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  2. Is there anyway in your next revision of the list, get on there. Its a collaboration and student management site. Built with Workrooms, Teacher’s page, messaging, storage etc under one roof. We will be releasing the Android app for it very shortly. Appreciate if you can get it on there.


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