Adam Bellow’s ISTE 13 Keynote

Unfortunately, my flight left too early on the last day of ISTE 2013 to see Adam Bellow’s closing keynote. After hearing a number of reviews and seeing the buzz about the speech on Twitter, I had to watch the video recording.

Thank goodness I did!

Adam begins about 23 minutes into the video. I highly recommend watching him to anyone in education. I especially recommend watching this speech to anyone who feels alone in their quest to make a difference in students’ lives or anyone who has been questioning why they went into education in the first place.

Some of my favorite quotes and points Bellow makes during his speech are:

  • The idea of “cook vs eat; create vs consume”
  • “Make school more like a start-up [company]”
  • “Respecting failure and embracing curiosity”
  • Have a dream, fail, figure it out, improve, and achieve your dream
  • “We can’t get someone who thinks differently if we want them to all think the same!”

Tech To You Later!


3 thoughts on “Adam Bellow’s ISTE 13 Keynote

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