Facing the Consequences: Poor Social Media Choices Lead to Lost Opportunities

As I was collecting resources for our school-wide digital citizenship day, I decided to make a Storify  of a number of news stories about people losing their scholarships and jobs over poor social media choices.  A couple of Google searches and about an hour later (with multiple interruptions within that hour), I had way too many links to include in the Storify.

Great for me to help make the point; bad for our society who clearly isn’t getting the message. social media digcit

I’ve added this Storify to my growing list of digital citizenship resources page on my website. In addition to students reviewing some of these examples during the Hiring Process & Ramifications of Poor Social Media Presence sessions on our DigCit Day, I’m also hoping to bring in some guest speakers.  I’d like business owners, HR employees, and anyone involved in the hiring/selection process to talk to our 9th-12th grade students about their personal experiences checking social media before/after interviews.

I’m getting excited about this Digital Citizenship Day as it is really starting to take shape and become much more than just a couple of ideas presented to teachers at a faculty meeting. I’ve had teachers coming to me with their own lesson ideas and Prezi’s ready to go for the day!

How you address online presence and social media with your students?

Tech To You Later!

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