A Little Redecorating

talk tech with meAfter thinking for a long time and renewing my blogging vows, I have decided to combine my blog and website into one space.  I liked certain things about each platform I was using (wordpress.com and weebly) for each space and purpose. I still think they’re both fabulous resources, and I would highly recommend both of them. I just wanted to have a little more control over my blog, which is where I focus most of my energy, and it made sense to bring them both into one if I’m going to be upgrading and paying for another online space.

I don’t plan to take down my talktechwithme.wordpress.com blog because a lot of other blogs and sites have linked to my posts here. However, this will be the last post published on the “wordpress.com” site. I will continue to update my blog at talktechwithme.com (just remove the .wordpress), and all of my existing blog posts have already been transferred over.

If you landed on talktechwithme.wordpress.com, just click the “Talk Tech With Me Website” button above to be taken to talktechwithme.com.  If you’re on talktechwithme.com, you’re in the right spot; check out my new digs! It’s still a work in progress (I’ve got to transfer all my old website resources over to the new place still), but so far I’m happy with how the redecorating is going. If you come across any links that are broken, please let me know by commenting on that post or page.

To all my followers who follow the blog via email, you can sign up to receive the emails again in the sidebar on talktechwithme.com  (they should keep coming, but just in case).

I’m looking forward to this next step in my reflection and blogging journey!

Tech To You Later!


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