3 Videos to Rejuvenate You!

After having two weeks off followed by two snow days (thanks to the Polar Vortex), I found myself feeling pretty sluggish and having next to no motivation to leave my dogs and go back to work.  I returned to a couple of my favorite videos that I watch when I need some encouragement, and even found a new favorite.  After watching them and having a great first day back, I’m feeling ready to go!  I wanted to share these videos with those of you who may have a case of the mid-winter blues too.  Enjoy!

1. Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students:

This is a great, short, video to get you feeling pretty awesome! Kid President always has a great message.

2. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk on Creativity:

This is my go to video when I start wondering why am I doing this? and is it worth the effort? Sir Ken Robinson helps me remember how much “power” educators have.  How we can inspire someone to be great, or how we can hold them back from their greatness. It’s a little longer, but worth every second of the 20 minutes.

3. Edutopia’s Introduction to Technology Integration

Now that you’re feeling creative, see how you can get creative, and even better, encourage your students to get creative! I actually wrote about this video last January, so I must really like it. I think it’s a great inspirational video no matter what stage of technology integration you’re at.

Now that you’re ready to be awesome, get creative, and encourage your students to create with technology, checkout my backwards edtech chart to help you implement web tools into your classroom.

How do you get motivated for the second half of the year?

Tech To You Later!


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